Merry SeX-mas

December 4, 2009 at 5:21 am (December 2009) (, , , )

Today is December 4.

Far from stating the obvious, today is a day of panic. (Okay, I guess the reason why is a little less obvious…)

Christmas is around the corner and I have no ideas for what to get that special person in my life who has everything you could possibly imagine: the Xbox, the car, and his own place (come to think about it: the perfect ingredients to manhood freedom). I am a girl in her first relationship so the idea of gifting to a significant other is a new concept for me. Ideas, thoughts, and fantasies keep swimming through my head. I have a couple gift ideas, but I cannot help but feel as if the media around me is pushing, rather, shoving me in a particular direction. Having watched the Victoria Secret Fashion show a couple days ago, various commercials, and flipped through magazines, the message seems blindingly clear: the perfect ideas for Christmas presents seems to be those that involve sex.

Alright, alright. We all know that sex sells. That’s why I, as a conscientious consumer, have been inundated with images of threesomes, provocative positions, and scantily-clad boys and girls attempting to make lingerie, intimate oils, and condoms seem like the perfect gift ideas. However, I am very skeptical about their merits as gifts.

Gift Idea #1?

Gift Idea #2?


I refuse to be influenced.

However, this still leaves me without any idea what to get my significant other for Christmas this year. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Let me know!


The Voice of the Vixen



  1. Your Mom's Mom said,

  2. Sassy said,

    I’d go with a “sexy” gift. Without knowing anything about your boyfriend I’m going to assume he’s reasonably “normal”, which means something sex related would really make him happy (bonus – you too – hopefully).

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