A New Year Leads to a New What…?

December 20, 2009 at 12:21 am (December 2009) (, , , , , )

I usually don’t get into the habit of making New Year’s Resolutions because I claim that I am too young to do such things. However, I thought of a new idea, instead of coming up with new things that I want to/should do over the new year of 2010, I will instead tell you what I plan to NOT do over this year. I find it better that if I can acknowledge the things that I sure as hell am not gonna do, then I will feel more accomplished when I do do the things that I wanted to do. It’s more interesting this way.

1. Be nicer. I am already pretty damn nice to people, so if I go on being any nicer I may seriously become a doormat. No thank you.

2. Skydiving. I really cannot tell you what would be MORE terrifying than free-falling from an airplane that is thousands of meters in the air and not knowing if my parachute will inflate correctly. I took physics. I know what free-falling without a working parachute can do to a person. Again, no thank you.

3. Travel to another country Not because I’m apathetic or pompous. It’s because I lack the time and the money to allow me to take such an adventure and I forsee 2010 as being the same way. However, as soon as these two elements are in abundance (moreso the latter than the former), Au revoir les Etats Unis, et bonjour la France!

4. Go to a spa That is like the utmost anti-girly thing to say. That and I don’t like diamonds. The thing is, I can’t stand massages. They tickle me more than they relax me. And yes, I know that there are a lot of other things a spa can offer other than a personal massage (however, if my masseuse is a hot guy with a chiseled body, then I may think twice…), but none of those things are remotely interesting for me.

5. Get a mani and/or pedi I bite my fingernails and toenails. ‘Nuf said. (I’m kidding about one of those!)

6. Diet Yeah. I said it. God knows I’ll try to but won’t really commit to it, because I lack the will power. I’m definitely not fat/chubby, some may even use the word ‘skinny’ when describing me. I just want to tone up a bit and eat healthier. As a college student I tend to get into these bad habits regarding eating and I want to change some of those. That is something that I WILL do. Maybe eat the rainbow everyday? There’s a start!

7. Spend more than I can afford This seems simple and it should make it onto everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list, but I am so frugal that I am pretty sure this will not happen to me. I am probably one of the cheapest people you’ll find. Huzzah!

8. Get a car *Sigh* this is something that I really wish wasn’t on the list, but I’m afraid that I won’t be getting a car anytime soon. I still do not have a license (at age 20) and thus am pretty certain that there will be no car in my future. There’s no way that this is going to change.*sigh x2*

9. Attend a live taping of the Oprah show I swear her system of getting tickets is rigged. I’ve tried and my mother has tried and the fact that I’m putting this on here means it has yet to work. I’ll keep trying but I am pretty damn sure it’s not gonna work. I think it would be cool to sit in on a taping of the Oprah show and possibly get something? Maybe?

10. Appear on a game show My all-time dream would be to appear on the game show Deal or No Deal. That show takes no talent at all except for a single guess, which is PERFECT for me. It’s free money and I could always make use out of it should I win some. But seeing as how getting onto a game show is next to impossible, I’ve resigned myself to actually working for a living. Darn.

So. There you have it. The 10 things I WILL NOT do during the year 2010. I’m sure there’s so much more, but I’ll truncate it to just 10.


The Voice of the Vixen



  1. Danielle said,

    1. I agree with you. Don’t be any nicer. You are so sweet already.
    2. Who needs to?
    3. Traveling= money and time. Don’t have it? Can’t do it. I agree…
    4. I’ve only been to a spa once. While it was enjoyable, I couldn’t imagine going very regularly. There were negatives, like I felt the hot steam on my face made me not breathe or something.
    5. I bite too. 😉
    6. You don’t need to diet. You’re so tall and skinny. Yes, I said it.
    7. Good at sales = good trait.
    8. Aw, that’s too bad. I got my first car at over 18 years old and everyone (it seemed) at my high school had a car by 16, so I was the only senior riding the bus. Hang in there.
    9. Aw. Must be hard then!!
    10. That’s a great show. Can you sign up for it online?

    I liked the list. It was very create. May be you will inspire me to do one too.

  2. Danielle said,

    Ugh, meant to say “creative.” Sorry. Tired.

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