You’ve Got Male!

January 21, 2010 at 11:36 am (Uncategorized)

So some odd weeks ago, I let you in on my top 10 (actually top 9) female crushes, and I think enough time has passed to evaluate my top 10 male crushes. These men are, in my opinion hot, hot, HOT! So for all my female readers: Enjoy! And for all my male readers, BE JEALOUS! Haha


The Voice of the Vixen

1) Channing Tatum

2) Matt Lanter

3) Eric Dane

4) Frank Mir

5) Chase Crawford

6) Tyson Beckford

7) David Beckham

8) Zac Efron

9) Daniel Radcliffe

10) So I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of extremely hot guys, so I want to know who your favorite hottie is! Leave me a comment to tell me who I missed…



  1. Anonymous said,

    what??? Harry Potter is not hot. Even if your going for the geeky hot guy he doesnt cut it!! get him off the list

  2. Anonymous said,

    stfu Dan Rad is georgous! BTW, I believe Taylor Lautner should be on any and every list of hot actors. *swoons*

  3. katy said,


  4. mabii said,


  5. nicole said,

    Taylor Lautner needs to DEF be in there!

    • The Verbose Vixen said,

      OMG! He should! I completely forgot. When I made this list Twilight wasn’t such a hit, but no he should definitely be on this list.

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